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Evangelistic Outreach

One week before Christmas and one week before Easter Sunday are our

Annual “Gospel Festival Weeks”!

Prayer and evangelism are the means given to us as an extension of the ministry of reconciliation of our Lord Jesus! Prayer and evangelism fuel each other’s fire.

“Gospel Festival Week” is the evangelistic initiative of “Watchmen on the Walls- Prayer Houses for the Nations” ministry which seeks to transform our nation and all nations by coming together with hearts of love and compassion for the lost souls.

During these 2 seasons of the year recalling the birth and the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus, watchmen all over the world are committed to reach out to the lost souls in their respective nations.

As we stated prayer by itself is not the only means God has given us to continue the ministry of Jesus. After praying together as a ministry for the lost/ the nations, we must take courageous action that means that we must push ourselves to share the gospel more intentionally. Each time we do so in addition to prayer, we are taking the next step in bringing revival in our nations and in advancing the Kingdom of our Lord by winning the lost.

And what if we can humble ourselves in a much more dramatic way through fasting during these weeks.

Why share our faith?

The Scriptures provide us with many reasons to share the Gospel with others. God has made us His co-workers to help ensure that every man and woman learns about forgiveness and reconciliation made available through Jesus Christ. And it is truly a privilege that God allows us to help expand His kingdom on earth.

Why we share the Gospel:                                                                                                            

  1. Acts 10:24: because there is no forgiveness of sins apart from Jesus.
  2. Matthew 9:35-37: because people are lost and helpless apart from God no matter their outward appearance.
  3. Matthew 28:18-20: because Jesus commands us to do so.


We may be new in sharing the Gospel or may have successfully shared the Gospel with many through the years but as a ministry the week before Christmas and the week before Easter will be devoted to sharing the Gospel together as a ministry. There are very few experiences more thrilling in life and in ministry than being used of God together to share with others the greatest news ever given to humanity. It is a source of encouragement, a source of fulfillment.

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